The easiest and fastest way to integrate with Slack.

To see how you can integrate other third party web services, see our Salesforce and Mailchimp videos. Otherwise, see Getting started with Form Gadget to learn more broadly about the Form Gadget service.

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Johann From Form Gadget. Today I'm going to show you the easiest and fastest way to integrate with Slack to be notified every time someone submits a form.

First we'll create a new Form, and we'll embed it into our new site. You can edit the form to include any fields you'd like to capture, watch the 'Getting started with Form Gadget' video for more details on how to customize your form.

Now that we've embedded our Form Gadget, we'll add a new integration with Slack. We'll start by authorizing Form Gadget to post messages in a Slack channel. Next, we'll map the needed API parameters. For JavaScript developers mapping our form fields to our API parameters is going to seem like we're just declaring javascript variables.

Since the text field is the text of our message, we'll map that field using a string template so we can include multiple form values in the message. For this demo I'll include the first name, last name, and email address in the message.

Once all the required fields have been mapped and saved, the red 'x' next to the form in the navigation will disappear, and the new version of the form will automatically be deployed.

Now when the form is submitted the data will be used to post a message to a Slack channel.

If you have any additional questions ask us using our contact form, and from all us at Form Gadget, we wish you a productive day.